Saltwater Stories on the Dorset Coast

The Dorset coast is such a huge part of what makes me, me. My sanity hangs on my morning swim (and head dunk) amongst the waves. My weekends are spent at the beach with my family, and some of my favourite memories are of my boys running towards me across the sand. The sea isn’t just something I live near, it’s a part of who I am. 

My saltwater photography is for mamas like me, and families like mine.

If I ever got pregnant again, one thousand percent, I’d have my maternity shoot in the sea! If anything, it’d be downright ridiculous not to! And if any single image could truly capture the essence of my family, we’d be at the beach, squinting in the sun and all covered in sand.

If you feel the same way, my saltwater stories might just be for you...


Crack me open and take a sip, I’ll sound like the waves and taste like the sea.

Saltwater photographer on the Dorset Coast

OK, so imagine you had a completely waterproof, salt-proof camera. Now put it in the hands of someone who wild-swims in the sea every day, is up for any-and-every adventure and has a ton of experience as a  photographer. 

Just imagine how much fun we could have! Imagine the awesome photos we could get!! 

That's what my Saltwater Stories are all about. 


So what actually is saltwater photography?!

Underwater pregnancy photography in Dorset

My saltwater maternity shoots aren’t some high-pressure, “you must get in the ocean up to your neck!” scenario! You might just want to go for a dip as part of your maternity shoot at the beach, maybe just up to your waist in the waves (a pregnant woman in the sea at sunset is insanely beautiful, by the way!)

Or if you’re up for it, you could go full mermaid! We’ll swim out into deeper water together, I’ll dive down and get some gorgeous underwater shots of you and your beautiful bump. 

Whatever happens, I promise you we’ll have just the best time. And trust me, the photos will be amazing!

Just call me Ariel, I’m in! 

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Family photoshoot on the sea in Dorset

I can’t promise you’ll all stay dry. I can’t promise the kids’ hair will be perfectly in place, or that you’ll always look your most photogenic self in every shot! But I can promise we’ll have a whole heap of fun and make some lifelong family memories along the way. 

Whether you want me to join you for your Saturday morning family paddleboard, go for a swim together in the sea, or sail out onto the open ocean, just say the word and I’m there with bells on (and quite possibly a wetsuit).

And here’s the best thing. Whenever you look at the photos, you won’t just see that one time you went paddleboarding, or that one time you took the boat out. You’ll see every time you took to the water together. Giving you photos bursting with energy and life, with memories and meaning far beyond what I could capture in a day. 

To book a saltwater family shoot (or even just a normal one on dry land!) get in touch 

Salty family

Salty bumps

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lets chat

Whether you want to get in the sea as part of your maternity shoot, have your family shoot on paddle boards, kayaks, or on a boat, or maybe even try something completely different I haven’t thought of yet?! Whatever it is, I'd love to get involved. 

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