My life outside maternity, newborn and family photography in Dorset

I live a quiet life of adventure on the Dorset coast, with my partner Neil and our two wild boys, Reggie Mac and Mobi Loch.

Reggie’s basically a four year old Tarzan. Running around with his long curly hair, living life barefoot (and often just fully naked). Is it too much to call him feral?! Mobi’s just turned one, and he’s such a happy little soul. Although we’re starting to see flashes of his personality coming through, and it seems like Tarzan’s gonna have a friend…

I go wild-swimming in the sea most mornings; all year round, from the hair down. Nothing resets the brain like a full head dunk in freakin’ freezing water! Gimme a head dunk and a massive coffee and I’ll take on the world!

Our second home (and fifth family member) is our retro camper, Hippi. Hippi’s our gal! You can’t beat the freedom of hitting the road without a plan, parking up somewhere and going exploring (it also means I’m location scouting, all the time! I drop more pins than a clumsy seamstress). 

Outdoors with my boys is my happy place. Sunsets and campfires, sand in our hair, salt on our skin. No phones, no TV, just each other and the open sky. 

And I guess that’s really what I want to capture in my sessions. That sense of adventure, and freedom; that feeling of not having anything else to worry about, or think about. Of just being completely present, completely there in the moment, surrounded by the people who matter most. 

Hey, I’m Sarah. 


I became a mother back in 2018, to my first little dude Reggie, and then in 2021 with my littlest, Mobi. Almost immediately, Reggie became my new favourite thing to photograph. He was this beautiful, complex, kaleidoscopic abundance of energy and life. And there I was, just fully obsessed! Living in that small space between heartache and elation, finding out my heart had been ten sizes bigger all along. 

And like tumblers in a lock, it all just fell snugly into place. I wanted to bottle that feeling of raw love and connection; to capture it not just for myself, but for other mamas, and other families. To tell the story of their family in an organic, honest way. 

I’ve always loved how photos can open up whole worlds of memories in themselves. You see a smile, or a look, a hand on a bump, a tiny foot or a chubby leg, and a million other memories come tumbling after. 

Every day feels unremarkable as you’re living it, I guess. But one day, these little doorways into the past will be among our favourite things in the world.