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I’m here to capture you and your family in a natural, honest way. To give you warm, nostalgic family photos filled with love, life and adventure. Photos with soul.

Because our favourite photos are never just ‘pictures of…’, are they? They’re always memories of ‘that time when…’. 

So whether I’m joining you for kicks or cries, tantrums or teens, I want to give you an experience that goes deeper than just taking pictures. Let's have fun together, go exploring, maybe race across the sand or dance through the waves. Let’s put some space between ourselves and the rest of the world and just be. I want you to have photos with your family where you’re not just in the frame alongside them, you’re in the moment with them. 

My sessions are relaxed, free-flowing and almost a little hazy around the edges. I won’t push you through a bunch of poses, or chase a list of shots we have to get. I’d rather capture the moments that happen all by themselves. And give you timelessly beautiful photos filled with the raw love and connection that make your family yours.

for the nature lovers and salty souls.

Natural Nostalgic storytelling

Hi, I’m Sarah. Mama to two wild and wonderful boys, wild swimmer, road tripper, highly-caffeinated, salty soul, and a maternity, newborn and family photographer on the Dorset coast.

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I offer maternity and family photoshoots on the Jurassic Coast and all across Dorset, as well as newborn sessions in my cosy home studio in Weymouth. 

Grab a coffee, make yourself at home, and have a little nosey around my site to your heart’s content! If you love my work and think we’re a good fit, I’d love to hear from you. Get in touch today and let’s chat. 

“Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different”

cs lewis

We never miss a first, do we? The “come here, quick!” excitement at feeling their first kick. The flood of relief at hearing their first cry. Their first words, welcomed with kisses and encores; the first few clumsy steps with cheers and open arms. The firsts come like fireworks. 

The lasts fall away unseen. You don’t realise you’ve just fed them for the last time. You don’t palm away the tears the last time you watch them crawl, or savour the sound of their last 2am cry. Time marches quietly on kitten-soft feet. And it’s only when you look back, you realise just how far you’ve come.

My photography isn’t just for those days in the future when you’ll long for the past. It’s about giving you a chance to be fully present in the now. 

What are you doing to me?! OK, you got me...

Scoop them up, hold them, breathe them in. But don’t do it for the lens. Do it knowing one day you'll put them down for the last time. 

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These right here…these are the good old days...

Happy Words

"Sarah took newborn photos of my baby when he was 5 weeks old and they really are the most incredible photos. Not only is Sarah an extremely talented photographer thats able to capture wonderful photos, but she's also absolutely  lovely. I was anxious about being in some of the photos with my son because i'm not the most comfortable in front of the camera, but Sarah made me feel so relaxed and i'm so grateful that i have the photos of the two of us when he was so tiny to look back on forever. Sarah pays great attention to some of the finer details and i really couldn't recommend  her enough, she's fantastic at what she does."

Shannon & Jacob

from happy clients

Happy words 

I approached Sarah, having never had a photoshoot before, wanting to do something out of my comfort zone. Sarah is the most approachable and friendly person and made the while experience enjoyable. I enjoyed every second of doing the shoot and the photos were better than i ever could off imagined.


from happy clients

Happy words

Sarah is a magician behind the camera and her work is absolutely beautiful. Sarah has capture my daughter and I a couple of times and there is not one photo i don not like. She is down to earth, friendly with the best heart! It's clear she loves her job and puts her passion into very second, both behind the camera and in the editing.

Sarah & Willow


from happy clients

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